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What are some signs I should seek counseling for?

Anytime a hard or stressful situation becomes too overwhelming for you to handle, you should
seek the help of a trained professional. With the help of a therapist you can work on issues such
as: anger, stress, depression, addictions, substance abuse, self esteem issues, stress, difficult life
changes, relationship problems, and other emotional problems.


What are the benefits of using a therapist?

Working with a trained professional has many benefits; they offer a non biased environment
conducive to processing traumatic, hurtful or negative issues from the past and help you gain the
tools you need to move towards a healthy and bright future. This is all done in a therapeutic
environment that offers privacy and confidentiality.


What to expect?

During your first visit, you will have the opportunity to speak with your therapist about the
presenting issues. It is common for the therapist to conduct an initial assessment over the course
of two or more sessions. This assessment will help guide your treatment plan and to establish the
goals set to be accomplished in therapy.


How many therapy sessions will I need?

No two individuals are the same, therefore the number of sessions varies for everyone. Because
treatment is tailored to each person and their specific presenting problem, the number of
treatment sessions is client specific.

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